About Us

The Stop Human Trafficking – Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois Network is a network of service providers, law enforcement, concerned citizens, and awareness raising initiatives throughout Eastern Missouri and parts of Southern Illinois that strive to share resources to better protect and provide for victims of human trafficking.  We seek to provide resources to frontline service providers, law enforcement, and the general community to increase identification of those in need.  Additionally, we strive to facilitate quality and speedy service delivery through fostering the communication network of those working to combat trafficking in persons.

Our goal through this project is to provide resources that will:

St. Louis Rescue & Restore Coalition

The St. Louis Rescue and Restore Coalition ,led by the International Institute of St. Louis , is a group of organizations, service providers, and community members whose mission is to IDENTIFY victims of trafficking through outreach, training, and public awareness AND to provide referral services for potential victims. By educating the community, we hope the individuals who are most likely to encounter victims will be able to look beneath the surface by recognizing indicators and asking the right questions in order to assist victims of human trafficking.

We take a human rights approach to the issue of human trafficking which 'focuses on the situation, needs, and rights of trafficked persons; respects individual autonomy and rights; is empowering and non-judgemental; and connects the rights of the individual to prosecution of traffickers.' (Freedom Network USA)

All forms of human trafficking are a violation of a person's inherent human rights.