Available Services

This section is intended as a tool for service providers in search of services for survivors of human trafficking in Eastern Missouri. Screening and referral services for victims of all forms of human trafficking are available through the International Institute of St. Louis. After screening, the referral process can include needs assessments, assistance accessing referral services, and follow-up. Referral services are client-centered, guided by the victim and recognition of the importance of self-determination in the road to recovery.

St. Louis Human Trafficking Service Matrix

Looking for services in St. Louis? Click here to access the Human Trafficking Service Matrix, an electronic resource inventory for the greater St. Louis area. Contact the International Institute of St. Louis for more information about available services at (314) 773-9090 or by email.

This service matrix is intended as a user-friendly tool that includes:

Northeastern and Southeastern Missouri - Available Services

To learn about services for survivors of trafficking in Northeast and Southeast Missouri, contact the International Institute at (314) 773-9090 or by email.